Inviting the Earth in...

Earth embodied healings with Lanie

This healing work is not just between Lanie and you, "the Client." The Earth is always an equal partner in any healing session. Sessions do not just have to be in a healing room, landscape healings are a powerful way for both healer and client to listen deeply to what the Earth is saying. 

The healing itself is done outside either on a healing table or on the ground (on blanets and a tarp) where healer, client and the earth are equally present. Landscape healings are like nothing else and are an extremely powerful tool in your healing journey.

A healing in the woods, or on the earth, is about bringing your full self to the healing. There is nothing like the natural world to bring our senses alive. Even if you are not a "nature person," the natural world soothes us like nothing else. Bringing our full selves to the table in a landscape that soothes us is the recipie for lasting change in our lifes.

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