About Lanie

Lanie grew up on an organic farm in rural NY. Professionally she trained as a wildlife biologist, and for years she worked as a restoration ecologist, identifying how to make an exploited landscape thrive again. Soon she realized that no matter how much effort she put into restoring the Earth, perhaps the greater need was simply healing for humans. She moved back to rural PA and built a strawbale house in the woods to connect to her roots.

Lanie attended both The Tracker School, and then wildernessFusion, a healing school that teaches the lineage of Grandfather Stalking Wolf. She completed both the 7 year healing program (which includes a year on just cancer, then autoimmune disease and then heart disease) and the 3 year bodywork program. For 7 years she worked as she the school registrar, the client liason, and was one of the main teachers in the healing program.

Now she runs a small farm in rural PA. She offers healing workshops, as well as a thriving healing business. To Lanie continuing to have a deep Earth connection, through the garden, ceremony, wandering in the natural world, or by simply giving back to her human community is essential to living a healthy life.

What is unique in a session with Lanie is that she brings all of her experiences to the healing table. Often she will reference parallels in the natural world to empower your own personal journey. The strength needed to sit with you in your pain is strength she has leaned on many times in her own personal life. She firmly believes that only by offering healing to one another will be bring about real change in this world.

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