Inner Resilience Healing and Bodywork

Lanie Garner-Winter, a practioner of  NIASZIIHhealing & bodywork

What is Inner Resilience Healing and Bodywork?

NIASZIIH (nye-ah-ZEE-eye) healing and bodywork is a powerful earth based healing modality rooted in personal awareness and connection. Where do you need more connection and awareness today?

NIASZIIH is an Apache word that means Vessel of Healing. As a practitioner of this work, I work with the physical, emotional, spiritual, and with your own potential. While it might look similar to Reiki, I work with more than just the energetic.

NIASZIIHhealing works with your own body to find the support needed for your healing. This complementary modality specifically works with emotional distress, cancer, trauma, autoimmune, heart disease, nature connection and personal mentoring. 

What does a session look like?

An Inner Resilience Healing and Bodywork session includes light touch, body awareness movement, and dialog while fully clothed. Your session is on a healing table in a private practitioner room, or perhaps directly on the earth when the weather is conducive. No two sessions look exactly alike as a session changes based on what you need in that moment.

Whether you are struggling with a cancer diagnosis, a divorce, a misaligned hip, or personal trauma, we can find a way through it, together. I work with you to find that missing piece needed to connect to your own inner strength.

We all come into this world with a set of skills suited to the challenge we face in our life. BUT, sometimes we need help reconnecting to those places in ourselves. Perhaps we never even knew we had that strength. Lanie has honed her craft to help you find a place of peace and stability. Interested in learning more? Schedule a free 15 minute consultation call!